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Success Stories

Real people. Real stories. You can do it, too!

Lost 53 lbs! on Ideal Protein

Before picture of Dr. Matt Phillips


After picture of Dr. Matt Phillips


"I practiced medicine for 37 years. I was rear ended stopped next to school bus. I was left with herniated discs in my back, concussion and blood clots in my lung. I was eventually medically retired. The combination of back pain, steroids for the discs and depression at my overall condition resulted in substantial weight gain. I had a metabolic age of 73 and my blood pressure and cholesterol both elevated.

"I have lost 53 lbs on ideal protein. Ideal Protein changed my life.

"My back still hurts but my blood pressure and cholesterol are significantly better I recommend Ideal Protein to my patients when I was working and now I am even more convinced. It's a way to get your life back!"

- Dr. Matt Phillips, Ideal Protein Success Story

Lost 83 lbs! on Ideal Protein

Before picture of Skip Davidson

Starting Weight: 295 lbs

After picture of Skip Davidson

Current Weight: 212 lbs

"My journey starts sort of by accident. I received an ad in the mail from a local hospital that was offering a laundry list of tests that were cardio related, so I signed up for it. I go in and there are 2 nurses setting up cardio equipment and one of the nurses says 'He’s in Afib (atrial fibrillation),' and I really wondered who she was talking about and it turned out it was me." 

- Skip Davidson, Ideal Protein Success Story

Lost 55 lbs! on Ideal Protein

Before picture of Sheila Boma

Starting Weight: 220 lbs

After picture of Sheila Boma

Current Weight: 165 lbs

"My journey was simple, I had been able to maintain my weight for most of my life until age 40. Despite exercising there were no visible changes, I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and I also felt my health will become an issue if I do not take action and start eating right. I needed help and was referred to the clinic by a physician. ​

"I can run and exercise easily without any stress on my joints. I enjoy wearing my clothes. I enjoy my that my meals are much simpler and taste better. I am over whelmed with the feeling of achieving an attainable goal. I feel joyful and wanting to help others, there is hope out there, people." 

- Sheila Boma, Ideal Protein Success Story

Lost 111 lbs! on Ideal Protein

Before picture of Julie Moreno

Starting Weight: 266 lbs

After picture of Julie Moreno

Current Weight: 155 lbs

"I enjoy life more now that I've lost the weight! I am now comfortable in my own skin; happy and healthy. Prior to Ideal Protein, I could barely walk up and down stairs but now I prefer to take the stairs. As well as, I have more energy to go out and be with family and friends. Before, I would stay in and make excuses to not go out because I was miserable. Ideal Protein has made a huge impact on my life!"

- Julie Moreno, Ideal Protein Success Story


Chad Lucas shares his weight loss success with Ideal Protein through a father's eyes.


Discovering the joy of life after weight loss!


Sleeping Better, Eating Better, Living Better — Skip Davidson's Success Story


'Individual experiences while following the Ideal Protein Protocol are unique and may vary for each individual dieter. The results presented in testimonials are those of the individual identified in the testimonial. Typical results vary up to 6 and 8 pounds lost during the first two weeks and up to 2 pounds per week thereafter when the Ideal Protein Protocol is followed properly.

Any statements or claims in this video are not being made by Ideal Protein or Ideal Protein - Belton. Testimonials, reference and/or results do not guarantee or predict future results, and you should not specifically expect to experience these results. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs.'

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